Who we are

The Valley V-8s, Regional Group #40 of the Early Ford Club of America, is based in the Greater San Fernando Valley and north Los Angeles County with members who come to our meetings regularly from Ventura on the west to Arcadia on the east and Agua Dulce on the north.   Our current membership is about 95 active members who own about 135 Flathead Ford or Mercury V-8s manufactured between 1932 and 1953.  We have been an active club since 1971.

Many of our cars are restored to original Ford factory specs.  Some have modifications mainly in the performance and safety categories.  Several of our members have built up “retro rods”, that is early Ford V-8s with the original engines modified as if they were built from stock cars in the ‘40s and 50s as hot rods.  We are, however, basically a stock Ford Club and adhere to the rules of our National Association in which we actively participate and take great pride.

We Meet on the first Tuesday of every month except December, at 7:30 pm at a restaurant at a central location in the San Fernando Valley.  Members and non-members alike are encouraged to drive their Flathead Ford and Mercury V-8s to the meetings and our tours.  Each month, a different speaker talks about anything from Flathead Ford topics (Upholstery, memorabilia, etc) to current events (Auto Theft prevention, Mars Exploration Rover, Historical and current events of interest in our geographic area, etc)

Restoring, showing and driving our Flathead Fords on the road is the central theme of the club.  Recent tours have included Santa Paula Airport, Solvang and Santa Anita Race Track. As a club, we visit the wide variety of automotive museums in the greater Los Angeles area.  Recent meeting topics have included The Restoration of Ford Woodies, The Use of Leather in the Interior of Ford / Mercury Cars and the adventures and plans of members who have driven their Flatheads long distances such as across the country to attend Early Ford V-8 Meets “The Nationals”, and visit family and friends.  American, California and local history also plays a role in the planning and execution of our programs

The Valley V-8s prides itself on the involvement of member spouses. While the club is focused on Flathead V-8s, it is also a social endeavor with emphasis on the family.  As such, a variety of car and non-car related events are offered so that people can enjoy our cars in the context of our diverse community in the company of good friends.


Our Charter

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 Past Presidents

Throughout our >40 years as a club, many members have stepped up to act as officers.  They have all helped the club in their way, but the president makes the biggest impact every year.  So, here is a list of our presidents over the years.  Mr. Durkee and Mr. Boskovich are tied at 4 times each!!!


2017  Vasken Hagopian
2016 Vasken Hagopian
2015 Don Durkee and Vasken Hagopian
2014 Steve Boskovich
2013 Steve Boskovich
2012 Randy Watson
2011 Randy Watson
2010 Dave Bergman


2009 Harry Baker
2008 Harry Baker
2007 Steve Batesole
2006 Ken Sapper
2005 Ken Sapper
2004 Wendi Potter
2003 Joe DiFatta
2002 Steve Boscovich
2001 Steve Boscovich
2000 Don Stout


1999 Rose Gott
1998 Dennis Keene
1997 Chuck Mair
1996 Dick Smith
1995 Jerry Littner
1994 George Richards
1993 Chuck Schubb
1992 Chuck Schubb
1991 Joe DiFatta
1990 Jerry Jensen


1989 Jerry Jensen
1988 Dudley Oschner
1987 John Kemmerer
1986 Dave Sanborn
1985 Kent Lowry
1984 Paul Kirk
1983 Don Durkee
1982 Bob Rose
1981 Larry Caplan
1980 Al Spencer


1979 Bill Culp
1978 Stan Misraje
1977 Chip Werstein
1976 John Busk
1975 Ed Warnock
1974 Don Durkee
1973 Don Durkee
1972 Doug Peterson
1971 Jim Rowe
1970 Club Started in ’71

Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns from 1932 to 1953